Fun times ahead with Funtastic!

The firm I have been given to work with is Funtastic Limited, a publicly listed company that has 99 employees across Australia. This includes employees working within seventeen subsidiary companies under the firm's control. About Funtastic Background Established in Australia in 1994, Funtastic promotes itself as a “multi-category family lifestyle company”, which manufactures, markets and distributes a … Continue reading Fun times ahead with Funtastic!

Step 8: Reflection on Calculating Ratios

This step was initially an exercise in keeping excel up on the screen while watching the lecture video at the same time so I could calculate the ratios as Maria was doing hers for Westfarmers (if there is anyone reading this who hasnt done this step yet, my advice is to go straight to the video and not … Continue reading Step 8: Reflection on Calculating Ratios

Restating the Financial Statements

I considered using a picture of someone having their teeth pulled for this blog, because thats a bit how it felt at times, when I was in the midst of restating the financial statements for my firm and I just couldnt figure out where an item fitted! I started the restating of my firms financial statements while … Continue reading Restating the Financial Statements

Peer Feedback

Hi Guys. This is where I will post your feedback forms and amended documents if I have done them for you... keep an eye out for it 🙂 Assignment Two Peer Feedback ASS#2 Step4_Kerryn Zimmerman Peer Feedback ASS#2 Step4_Tash Hodgson Peer Feedback ASS#2 Step4_Alana Hartvigsen (incomplete spreadsheet) Peer Feedback ASS#2 Step4_Rhiannon Bellamy Assignment One PEER FEEDBACK_Di McCarthy … Continue reading Peer Feedback

Restating the obvious?

I think Jackie Chan must be a mind reader because there's a COMBINATORIAL EXPLOSION of sorts going on inside my brain right now, and it happens every time I look at my restated financial statements. Yeah, I know what I said earlier on FB... I lied! (or I was grossly misinformed 😊) I have attached a copy of my spreadsheet, containing … Continue reading Restating the obvious?